The LCGG is a community watchdog organization which incorporates three media platforms, a FB community page, this website, and a morning show radio program.

Our mission is accessing local government elected officials, public servants, and candidates running for office. We demand honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Jay St John is historically the number one rated talk radio program in the Laredo area. His work is stark insightful commentary on the pit of swill of local politics, and on many occasions, a satirical look at every day life.


Child Advocate Award presented by the Voices for Children of Webb County Texas

State of Texas1st Place Children’s Advocacy Media Award 2009

State of Texas Recognition Certificate for Outstanding Public Service

State of Texas Resolution Certificate w/ Flag

United Independent School District Media Award

Webb County Food Bank Recognition

Webb County Sheriff’s Department Appreciation Award

Laredo Police Recognition for Outstanding Support

Laredo Fire Department Recognition

City of Laredo: 5 Recognition & Support Awards

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