DACA – What a mess…..

What a mess…..
American millennials (your kids and grandchildren) are the ones who will be getting the screws by DACA.
I have been doing a lot of FACT FINDING since we last spoke about DACA two days ago on my radio program. At the time I thought this is a no brainer – you can’t just kick kids out of the country simply because they know no other home. That statement on its face is only partially true. Many were well into their teens, many young adults, when they arrived.

Since Obama implemented DACA in 2012, the United States has approved more than 800,000 work permits or visas to ‘dreamers,’ illegal immigrants who came to America before they were 18 years-old. The number of dreamers who currently live and work in America is much higher. According to the Migration Policy Institute, there are almost 2 million (over 1,932,000) illegal immigrants who are DACA eligible in the United States. The majority of dreamers, 81 percent, have been brought to America illegally from Mexico. The average age of an enrolled dreamer is 22 years-old. Now here’s the kicker – these illegal immigrants are the people that American millennials are competing with in both the workforce and college admissions.
The hard truth is that there are around 15 million American millennials not working right now, so this is a serious supply and demand proposition in terms of not only finding a job but also the wages that are paid once a person is in those jobs.

Tuesday morning,Trump tweeted that is it time for congress to do its job. Yeah right!

The Democrats are salivating I’m sure. Another voting block!

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