Wake Up Laredo….

Protest in St Louis MO……
Besides Detroit, what city do you think is the biggest **** hole in the US? It’s St. Louis MO!
Been there on numerous occasions for my job back in the 90tys. I use to travel a lot and every time I would go to a new city I would always seek out the history, tour the place, and visit with a few natives. I learned, once upon a time, as far back as 1960, St. Louis was a very nice clean bustling city with a population of 860,000 people.
Since then, and governed by Democrats, it has become one great big crack house full of poverty, high crime, massive corruption, and now has a population less than Laredo of 319,000.
All it took for St. Louis is one industry to leave because of bad governance. They like us, only had one egg in their basket, and a bunch of hoodlums, and/or idiots running the place.
Right this minute negotiations are under way that could eventually pull the NAFTA rug out from Laredo, or a least, but a great big dent in it. I’ve only been back here in Laredo two months, and all these politicians want do to is talk about is spending more money that we simply do not have. What Money? Money on a Convention Center that no one will book and that will only benefit La Pasada (tax payer money developing their property next door to their hotel), and a 125 million dollar jail – looks like their going to need it. How are they going to get that money? RAISE TAXES! It’s what the do!
I would also like to add, since no one here has any vision for the future anymore, that soon, I predict (no brainier) we will have an massive influx of people from Central America, and South America, those seeking political asylum, due to the break down of governments starting with Venezuela and Brazil. I hate doom and gloom, but look around you. Pretty scary.

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